Organisation Profile

ARD activities are targeted at large section of population particularly vulnerable Tribal Groups called Yanadi Tribal Communities who got displaced from Sriharikota Island.



One Community

Currently, ARD is working in 20 mandals of Nellore district towards empowerement of these PVTG’s. Around 70-80% is engaged in agriculture labour out of which 60-70% are bonded laborer. Another 20-30% of the Yanadi community do little agriculture, masonry, rickshaw pulling in the towns and few in the hotel washing utensils and doing domestic work in the towns. Around 40% of Yanadi tribes in the district depend upon seasonal (three months Oct-Dec) fishing in the sea, Pulicat lake, canals, tanks and ponds. Both women and men go for fishing. Women go village to village for selling, some men also sale in nearby town.

50% of children of Yanadis work as child labors in the village. Since Yanadis are innocent, illiterates, economically dependent, socially not united, other create conflicts among Yanadis.

ARD’s activities, target interventions towards empowering these PVTG’s, other vunelrable communities and ARD achievements briefed in next sections.


Land Rights

Villages Covered 297

ARD identified 4741 acres of alienated land (LRP Villages) belongs to 3756 families of yanadi’s. Now 1902 families got 2868 acres agriculture land in to their position.

332 families got individual rights on 515 acres of Forest land. Now their names including in 1b, 3rd adangals in revenue records now they are getting crop loans.

1902 families got 2868 acres agriculture land in to their position.

332 families got individual rights on 515 acres of Forest land.

Registered Chenchu lakshmi yanadi farmer Producer Company limited in T.P.Gudur. Registered 3 labour contract societies in Reddygunta, Kota& Allur creating livelihoods through mica, quartz, silica mining& Stone crushing, Community gets benefits with Government support under Tribal sub plan.



Villages Covered 75


Conducted Awareness program for 64 families on Pandal Horticulture on 22-09-2016 in presence of ITDA APO-Horticulture, Horticulture officers and Drip irrigation department officers.

12 Villages Covered uder Horticultural based livelihoods, 64 Hosueholds benefited.

1864 (Male-1134, Female-730) farmers were got awareness on bio fertilizers, NADEP Compost, Importance of the finance management. 190 farmers practicing sustainable agriculture by utilizing bio-pesticides.

7 crore rupees proposed with 90% subsidy for 212 acres and Sanctioned Rs.88,93,500/- for pandal Horticulture for 42 acres by 41 families (each acre costs Rs.2,11,750/-), 16 bore wells installed in 34.09 acres for 30 families. Sanctioned 45 Solar pump sets for 190 acres of lands with amount of Rs. 2,20,00,000/-(each set costs Rs.4,90,000/-) sanctioned subsidy loans for 13 families for material,tools implementation with ITDA Support.


12525 members (F:5989, M:6536), benefitted from NREGS Works of jungle cleaning, dredging the ponds, Mud filling around houses, Agriculture works approx. for 125 days earned daily wage in Rs.100/-got total income Rs.15,65,62,500/-(Each got Rs.12,500/-).

36 Villages Covered uder NREG, 14,396 Hosueholds benefited.

Sanctioned toilets to 36 families through NREGS work in 3 villages at Gudur Mandal.

778 Rain water harvesting pits were constructed in 778 families in 21 villages through NREGS Program total benefit obtained by them is Rs.16,33,800/- by government support(each family got Rs.2100/-).


34 Tribal fisher men cooperatives were registered with 2173 members. Now they are enjoying the right over 8986.38 acres of land (fishing Rights).after many struggles 34 societies earned an amount of Rs.64.53 Lakhs. Total Saving Rs.4.27 Lakhs. They got 30.49 Lakhs fish seed for 18 tanks from the government at free of cost.

34 Villages Covered uder FISHERIES, 2,240 Hosueholds benefited.

36 FCS Meetings held in 36 villages of 5 mandals with presence of 589 members discussed on new membership, clearing lease orders for the 1426 financial year, Society audits, Audit responsibilities, Records maintenance, Book keeping, transparency in accounts management, FCS Management, rules& regulations of the Society, applying for cycles& nets, Exposure visits, NREGS Works, Construction of Captive nurseries, purchase of Fish seed.


Women Rights

Villages Covered 270

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Conducted 1816 women meetings in 270 villages in presence of 2697 members participating in monthly meetings discusses on women issues, health issues, early marriages, children education, pensions, livelihoods, savings.

ARD is directly working with 24,327 women in 20 Mandals.

742 Women got 1057.63 acres of land in 7 mandals of 23 villages.

ARD assisted woment to get 1350 house site pattas, 191 members got LPG Gas connection with government subsidy.

Identified 619 Single headed families achieved 427 widow pensions, 567 members have AAY cards, and 489 members got permanent housing.


Women Empowerement

Women Self Help

92 MMG’s in 25 societies with 924 women , total savings is Rs.6,39,000/-, loan debt Rs.2,00,000/- maintaining bank balance of Rs.4,39,000/-, interest amount is Rs.5,024/-.

26 women got sweing machines in Reddigunta (Gudur), B.C colony (vakadu) with Dist collector& ITDA support.

694 families got toilets in 93 villages with government support through Atma gaurava campaign.

Formed 30 Women cooperatives with 293 members current savings is Rs.2,23,770/- interest is Rs.47,725/-, loan Rs. 1,46,893/- bank balance Rs.1,24,602/-.

sanctioned Rs.4,00,000/- to Allur Fisherwomen cooperative society (11 Mahila Mathsya Mithra Groups) from Fisheries department support, present Savings amount Rs.3,03,000/- Sanctioned 6 Truck Autos& Ice boxes to 3 societies worth Rs.2 lakhs each with a subsidy of Rs.1.8 lakhs (90% )each.


Women & Child Health

Conducted Training programs on women health issues like pregnancy care, Lactating women nutrition requirements to pregnant& lactating women through PHC’s(Primary Health Care Centres).

64 pregnant women utilized maternal benefits by making institutional deliveries (64*1000=Rs. 64000/-) under “JANANI SURAKSHA SCHEME” in 13 villages of 4 mandals with government support.

728 Pregnant women, 364 Lactating Women are utilizing the Anganwadi for nutrition food.

36 Villages Covered 782 Women benefited.

331 women utilized ANM Services, 118 utilized 108 services, 85 utilized 104 services for seasonal diseases with government support in 23 villages of 5 mandals


Adolescent Girl Empowerment

Adolecent Empowerment

40 Adolescent girls groups formed in 40 villages conducted 407 meetings with presence of 3795 girls discussed on health& hygiene, menses management, nutrition& kitchen garden, education, life skills& future plans.

18 school going girls got cycles from ITDA, sanctioned 12 lakhs under GCPS (Girl child Protection Scheme).

Clubbed 7 villages with strength of 73 girls and performed events like games, distributed prizes for winners in presence of ICDS Supervisors, teachers, Village panchayath presidents, pregnant& lactating women.

Conducted girl child rights week on event of Beti Zindabad campaigning program in part of Beti Bachao-Beti Padao with participation of 150 girls from ST Girl’s hostel, Kota followed by events Kabadi, Essay writing competitions, distributed prizes for winners in presence of School teachers.

4,016 Hosueholds Covered under 40 villages


Child Rights

Child Rights & Education

3914(B: 2096, G:1818) children enrolled into Schools & 714 children into Residential hostels by conducting campaigns and rallies on Badi bata.

During 2005-07 organized 3 Residential Bridge course schools in mangalpur, durgarajpatnam& siddavaram and mainstreamed 240 (B:118, G:122)children enrolled into schools.

5 full pledged buildings , 7additional class rooms, 7 Community halls, 17 ICDS School Buildings constructed in remote Villages of Kota, Gudur, Chittamuru, Doravari Satram, Manubolu and Vakadu Mandals with an amount of Rs.86,50,000/-

639 School drop outs were joined in Schools and mainstreamed.

With the effort of ARD& Samakya government Sanctioned & Established 3 Mini gurukulam paatshalas especially for girls in Chandrasekharapuram, Gudur, Venkatachalam& 1 YTC(Yanadi training centre) with an amount of Rs.15 crores.


Child Clubs


Children clubs formed in 72 villages with 1292 children and the major activities in these clubs are they meet once in a month regularly, discuss about the issues, representations are give to School Management committees and Mandal Education Officer etc. To encourage the children we support them by providing play material at the child clubs; attract more children to take part actively in the club activities. 72 play materials kits are given to 72 children clubs with support of Action Aid & TDH(G).

In 2015, ARD started Child line project to save the children who are bonded child labour, rag pickers& street children in these 2 years identified 172 children, 17 orphan children, 6 children with disability, 65 children were provided shelter, 18 were hand over back to parents, were main streamed into schools& 229 children enrolled into residential schools, Hostels.


Higher Eduction Support

Education Support

ARD provided education support to 156 girls & 51 boys for Group-I Coaching, IAS Coaching, IEC coaching, bank coaching, Degree , ANM, GNM ,etc from the project support.& training for police selection to 82 members, Skill development training to 152 members with the support of ITDA.

Paidi suhasini (pambali) got Asst. bank manager job, Nagamani(Reddy gunta) got M.P.E.O in agriculture department, Yatagiri vani(Molaganuru) got job in Engineering section at Nellore municipal corporation 25 youth members placed in security guard posts, 30 girls from chennur joined in Sri city mobile company, Tada, Bandi mallikarjun got Job as Bank of Baroda P.O, 2 Girls got ICDS Jobs, 15 girls got ANM jobs.


Rescue & Rehabilitation

Bonded Laborer Rescue

ARD rescued and released 647 bonded labour, as emergency relief got Rs.1000/- for each family (In total Rs.6.47 lakhs) additional support under SC,ST Atrocity cases got Rs.23,42,000/-, 1075 (M -432, F-371, B-160, G-112) yanadi migrant bonded labour identified in 88 villages of Nellore District.

(B:158, G:65)child labour rescued , released and and rehabilitated.

243 Bonded labour in 8 mandals got Rehabilitation Exgratia amount in Rs. 4,86,000/- from NHRC& MEPMA Support each got Rs.20,000/-)


Emergency Relief & Support

DRM Support

In 2004, During Tsunami Disaster ARD started Emergency support program for victims of Tsunami in coastal villages of Kota& Vakadu Mandals of Nellore District

ARD distributed 17,000 food packets and Relief material to 2549 families and education material for 1330 children.

In 2010, ARD actively involved in JAL cyclone Relief & Rehabilitation activities.

In 2015, Rovan cyclone floods created huge disaster in Nellore District, during the cyclone Yanadhi community mostly affected because of they are living in low lying areas of plain lands. They lost all their belongings and huts, children lost their Education Material. ARD mobilized funds like cash kind(Food material, clothes, blankets, Biscuits, Education material for children Et.,) from Action Aid, Plan India, Gram Swarajya Samithi, Youth for Seva, Lion’s Club, Jain Samajan Youth Sathya sai Seva Samithi& local philanthropists.