About Us

ARD formed in 2001 to help the poor facing numerous issues such as illiteracy, ill health, migration, child and bonded labour, exclusion and marginalisation. ARD believes that creation of awareness towards mobilisation of marginalised will lead to empowerment and they would be able to liberate themselves and form a sociably just and gender equitable society where men, women, and children can live with dignity and honour.

The status of women and children was most deplorable due to their total subjugation and dependence on the men-folk for their sustenance. ARD, the organization was convinced that the backwardness, exclusion, and poverty was mainly due to the lack of awareness among the target communities such as the Tribals, Daliths, fisher folk and Muslims. The organization decided to work with the weaker sections of society and create awareness among them so that they would be able to liberate themselves and form a sociably just and gender equitable society where men, women, and children can live with dignity and honor.

Our Mission - Vision

Eradicate Poverty of poor (Yanadi the PVTG community), enabling them to learn, earn and lead healthy and productive lives.

Create resources for Yanadis such as capital and infrastructure to transform their future.

Empower Yanadi with awareness of their rights and support yanadi women and girls to full fill their roles as equal shapes of their economy and society.

To improve quality of life by satisfying basic needs of tribes, (yanadis) fisher folk communities and access and enjoy the entitlements through sustained development.

Our Journey

ARD initially commenced working with street children who were generally children who have run away from their homes due to some problems or orphans who have nowhere to go and take to living on railway platforms and other such places. These children often fall prey to pedophiles and other criminals and ultimately become anti socials. ARD initiated the “Bala-Thae-jessu” meaning “Light of Children” with support from Action-aid India. After the devastating tsunami of 2004 ARD was asked by ActionAid to expand its activities to cover the Fisher-folk and Yanadi tribals who were affected by the tsunami. It was during this period that the organization came into close contact with the Anadhi / Yanadi community and discovered that this is a segment of society that has been totally overlooked by the Government officials. Though they are mainly engaged in inland fishing and had lost most of their rudimentary nets and traps due to the tidal waves, no compensation was paid to them by the Department of Fisheries, whereas the fisher-folk were well compensated.

Whatever be the causes for this community to be excluded and overlooked, the fact remains that even in this day and age this hunter gatherer community, lives on the fringes of society and remains largely unseen or unheard. ARD is presently working in Kota, Vakadu, Chittamur, Manubolu, Gudur, D.V.Satram, Dakkili, Balayapalli, Sydapuram, Rapuru, Chillakur, Venkatachalam, TP.Gudur, Muthukur, Indukurpet, Nellore Urban, Nellore Rural, Kovuru, Kodavaluru, Buchi Reddypalem and Alluru Mandals of Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh and is working mainly with the tribal Yanadi community and has gained a clear understanding of their psyche, and problems affecting this community.

Board Members

Shaik Basheer


ARD founder and Chief Functionary Mr.SK.Basheer, had personally involved in the work to facilitate social integration of Runaway children into their families, into the public school system and to make them as independent and productive members of the society.

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Dr.Katamalli Chandrahas


Doctor by profession, Dr.Katamalli Chandrahas is the President of ARD.He had 25 years of experiences in Health Care Sector, he joined ARD in 2005.

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Advocate by profession, E.V.Krishnaiah is the Vice President of ARD.He had 20 years of experiences in social service sector, he joined ARD in 2008.

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